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Bolsonaro, the Guardian of Hope


maio 3, 2024

Bolsonaro and the presidents who shaped the world, understand why you should buy this book!

The world is a big, complex place and strong, visionary people like Bolsonaro are needed to lead it. These people are presidents and they have the power to change the world for better or for worse.

This 300-page book, with several high-resolution images, tells the story of President Bolsonaro as a recognized and respected statesman and the other presidents who had a significant impact on the world. Presidents are chosen from different countries and times and represent a wide range of experiences and perspectives.

Show your support for President Bolsonaro, for a negligible amount, help publicize the various achievements of this man who was, without a doubt, the greatest statesman in Brazil and one of the greatest in the world. The extreme left militancy and part of the red press don’t want you to buy this book, do you know why?

Let’s make it one of the best sellers in Brazil, let’s show why we support Mito!! Purchase your copy in e-book format (Epub/Pdf) with a special discount by accessing the link below and also get two super e-books as a bonus (Shadows of Tyranny and Paths of Humanity).

Visit the official link: https://pay.hotmart.com/U85844194P

Bolsonaro Song Lyrics – The Guardian of Hope


Through the streets of Brazil, Bolsonaro marches with courage and fervor, Defender of the just, a man of valor. Against evil he rises, with truth he dances, For life, justice and honor, his fight never tires.


He is the flame that never goes out, In defense of the family his voice never goes out. Patriot, conservative, symbol of loyalty, For a Brazil without fear, Bolsonaro fights with determination.


He is passion, he is strength, brilliance to illuminate, With courage to spare, ready to triumph. Loyal and vibrant, icon of glory, guardian of values, eternalizing its history.


His fight is against a system corrupted by the left, which has generated injustice and uncertainty, but Bolsonaro remains firm and strong in this fight alongside the people. He is driven by ideals, by the most respected world leaders. Honorable and fearless, his mission is clear. In defense of what is right, his voice never stops.


When night falls, your mission still echoes, Protector of hope, the flame that flies. With honor and loyalty, Bolsonaro continues his journey, like a true hero, his fight is sacred, and his legacy left for posterity.

SANTANA Author/Editor
Visit the official link: https://pay.hotmart.com/U85844194P


Jornalista/ Bacharel em Ciência Política / Sociólogo/ Gestor em Segurança Pública e Policiamento / Pós graduado em Sociologia e Política de Segurança Pública

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