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The Paris 2024 Olympics promise to be a spectacular event, full of innovations and with a program that celebrates sport and culture. Here is a detailed and educational summary of what to expect from the Paris 2024 Olympic Games:

Event Locations
The Paris 2024 Olympic Games will utilize iconic locations across France, including the capital and its overseas territories[^10^]. Some of the most notable locations are: – Stade de France: Located in Saint-Denis, it will host the Athletics and Rugby Sevens⁸ competitions. – Roland Garros: Famous for hosting the French Open tennis, it will also host Boxing events⁸. – Arena Bercy: It will host Basketball, Artistic Gymnastics and Trampoline Gymnastics⁹. – Camp de Mars and Eiffel Tower: Historic areas that will be transformed into sports arenas for the games⁸. – Teahupo’o, Tahiti: One of the most beautiful places in the world, will host Surfing competitions[^10^].

Number of countries and athletes involved
The Paris 2024 Olympic Games will feature the participation of more than 200 countries*⁴. It is estimated that around *10,500 athletes will compete in 45 different sports during 19 days of competitions⁴. This includes nations from every continent, with athletes competing in a variety of sports, from traditional ones such as athletics and swimming, to more recent additions to the Olympic program.

Program and agenda
The Paris 2024 Olympic Games schedule is extensive and comprehensive, with 329 medal-worthy events. The Opening Ceremony is scheduled for July 26, 2024³. Sporting events start earlier, with preliminary competitions in sports such as football and seven-a-side rugby as early as July 24, 2024⁷.

Innovations and Highlights
A notable change from previous editions of the Games is the addition of an extra day to the swimming calendar, allowing for more action in Athletics, Artistic Gymnastics and Swimming – three of the most anticipated events – on the same day⁷.

Final considerations
The Paris 2024 Olympic Games are a celebration of the Olympic spirit and sporting excellence. With historic sites as a backdrop and an impressive diversity of athletes and sports, Paris 2024 looks to be a memorable edition of the Olympic Games. The city of Paris, known for its rich history and culture, will offer a unique and inspiring setting for athletes and spectators from around the world.

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