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Dear Elon Musk,

We would like to express our deep gratitude and appreciation for your support of Brazil and President Bolsonaro. His innovative vision and entrepreneurial spirit have been an inspiration to many of us. In recognition of your support, we created an electronic song called “Elon’s Stars: Der Tanz”.
This song is a celebration of his journey, his innovation and his commitment to freedom and justice. It reflects the energy, enthusiasm and fun you bring to everything you do.
The song is a joyful and electrifying dance, full of subliminal messages and mental triggers of power, success, justice and freedom.
It is a tribute to his contribution to the world and an expression of our gratitude. We hope you enjoy the song as much as we appreciate its contribution to our country. Thanks for all you do.

With gratitude, SANTANA


Jornalista/ Bacharel em Ciência Política / Sociólogo/ Gestor em Segurança Pública e Policiamento / Pós graduado em Sociologia e Política de Segurança Pública

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